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Sekar Jagat Bali Spa School is conducting professional and individual short courses in Balinese massage and spa techniques. Instructed by Ibu Indri Artini and senior staff you will get firsthand knowledge in Balinese spa treatments from practising professionals.

In 2012 our school partnered with Ryubi International Beauty College in Okinawa/Japan to train Japanese students here in Bali. Read more >>

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massage instructor Sinclair

Marybetts Sinclair is massage instructor and author of specialist books on children massage and hydrotherapy. She participated two days in a class to learn Balinese massage and blogs here about her training and massage treatment at our place. Visit Ms Sinclair's website or check out her books.

Wellness & Spa Advisor Ms Veronica

Ms Veronica from Italy is Wellness & Spa Advisor at Orient Express Luxury Hotel Collection. She joined us a few days to look into Balinese spa treatments and their application.

Chiropractor Doctor Sperling

Chiropractor Doctor Sperling runs a health care centre in Australia. He joined us to look into Balinese massage techniques.

spa trainer Spusta

Mr Ryan works for Four Seasons Hotels in California as a therapist and spa trainer. He visited us to get trained in Balinese body massage techniques.

Aesthetic Spa Institute HK

Mrs Law and colleagues from the Sincere Aesthetic & Spa Institute Hong Kong participated in a 3 days course to study Balinese Spa techniques.

Els Diependael spa owner

Mrs Diependael owns and directs the Beauty & Spa Centre "City Of Women" in Belgium, she spent five days with us to get trained in Balinese massage, Balinese facial and in a range of body masks.

Blossom Kochhar beauty and spa authority

Renowned aroma therapist Dr Blossom Kochhar, beauty & spa authority from India, recently visited us to exchange some thoughts on Balinese massage techniques and local spa treatments. Dr Kochhar participated for 3 days in our Balinese Spa Course. Visit her at

Balinese massage student

“I completely enjoyed myself learning Balinese massage from your school. The teaching was very clear and professionally done. The staff who guided me were tremendously helpful and gracious.”
Mrs Lan, professional massage therapist in France at Grenoble Reflexologie Sujok joined us to learn Balinese massage, lulur and boreh.


Mrs Kronenberg from Netherlands studied with us several Balinese spa and massage techniques to apply them in her salon "De Beautysaloon" in Deventer. She writes: "I have nice memories from your spa and from Bali. Everyday I practise your technique here in my salon, my clients are very happy after treatment!'

Guy Dumont massage expert from France

Mr Guy Dumont from Ronno-France, teacher and expert in massage, and creator of Artistic Massage, joined us a few days to study Balinese spa techniques. You may want to visit him at and also at

student from Bali

Mr Nengah Ardika is of Balinese origin and lives overseas in Austria. He is a professional in curative massages and participated in our course to study Balinese massages and hot stone massage.

student Mrs Aziz

Mrs Aziz from Malaysia studied a few days at our school to learn a range of Bali spa treatments.

school student Maria

Mrs Ratri from France visited us to get trained in Balinese body massage and traditional hair cream bath.

"Thank you for the time I could spend in your spa to learn and practice the Balinese massage! The girls were excellent teachers!"
Mrs Knippenberg, Belgium, Kamalaya Beauty Salon

massage school participant

Ms Tracey Brown runs the mobile massage service "Frangipani-Feel" in Laurieton, Australia. She learned Balinese massage and traditional facial at our school.

from UK

Ms Ruth Pratt from United Kingdom. An ambitious amateur, she learned the basics of Balinese massage in a two session course with us.

spa training student

Mrs Diana Agustin from Belgium, for Bali massage and hot stone massage training at our place.

joined massage class

Mrs Juminten Purbowanti Rein, from Hannover-Germany, at our spa to participate in a few days massage training.

participated in spa class

Mrs Menie Puspawati, Antwerpen-Belgium, five days with us to receive training in massage, scrub and facial treatments.

Japanese student

Ms Kotomi Sendo from Shizuoka-Japan completed successfully our 4 day Bali Esthetic Course.

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Bali spa school spa class


Individual - flexible - professional

spa school
Balinese massage class, one-to-one training

instructionsschool picture

course picture

training room
One of our treatment and training rooms

Ryubi school Japan
Ryubi Beauty College Okinawa in Dec 2015

Mr and Mrs Schulz, owners of Sparshana Wellness Education Centre
participated in an intensive one week course

Jarrett participating in our Bali spa course
Jarrett Parker joined us for two days to have a break from show business

spa school students and trainer
Mrs Randall of "Botanique Skin & Spa", Mrs Pirpiris of "Purrfect Treats"

school premises

Small group training: five students, three models, two trainer



Two American course participants with instructor Indri and two senior staff

hair spa class
Hair spa class with four students, four models, two trainer

training in hair cream bath
Training with "The Hair Cafe", Australia

lunch at spa school
Lunch break

Couple training: one couple from Netherlands with instructor Ibu Indri

spa class

massage class

Gai from Philippines, Indri, Julie from Canada and Diana from Sweden

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school student

"I took the 3-day Balinese massage course in May 2012 and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. My teacher, Tari, is very professional, not to mention patient too as I was totally new to any form of massage therapy. Everything was handled nicely and even my vegetarian lunch of Gado-gado was delicious. I'm also thankful to the others who posed as my "models" and helped make the learning experience more hands-on and effective. Though we did have power failure during the time of my course, I felt it was really not a big deal and could still focus on my purpose of being there - to learn Balinese massage from the experts :) Thank you to all of you at Sekar Jagat Spa, especially to my teacher, Tari, for a great experience. Warmest regards."
Ms Chew, Singapore

school student Alex

" I completed 4 days of training (Traditional Balinese Massage, Lulur, Boreh & Body Wraps) at Sekar Jagat and from start to finish the welcome was warm, the service, standards and facilities at the spa were first class and the teaching (I was mostly taught by Komang) was attentive, helpful and skilled. I would recommend this Spa highly for anyone looking to take a course in Balinese massage and treatments."
Ms Holbrooke is a qualified massage therapist from Cornwall, she runs
Health & Happiness, a place for holistic and oriental therapies.

Teija course participant

Ms Teija from Finland summarized her course experiences in a lovely blog post, find a translation at

therapist from Netherlands

Ibu Tjin Chandrawati vd Boomgaard is a self-employed massage therapist from Leerdam-Netherlands. She joined us for two days to learn Balinese Massage.

students from Malaysia

Aylyn Pon and Chiew Kok Wai from Malaysia. They studied the basics of Bali massage, facial and hair cream bath in our 3 days course.

student from Jakarta

Ibu Lucy Pasma Dewi from Jakarta-Indonesia stayed 3 days at our place to learn Balinese massage, lulur and traditional facial.

Haus der Ruhe

Mrs Dagmar Rossmann and Mr Schmuck run a wellness house in Germany, they comment:
“We joined two sessions in Balinese Massage, it was definitely brilliant!!! ”
Rossmann and Schmuck, wellness trainer and healer, Lünen-Germany,; Hotel Laguna Nusa Dua


Ms Gilmartin from UK took training in Balinese massage and Balinese facial.

student from Tokyo

Ms Manami Sato from Tokyo. joined three sessions to get training in Balinese massage, lulur and traditional facial.

spa course participant

Completed 4 sessions spa course to get training in Balinese massage, lulur, hot stone and shirodhara: Mrs Niemeyer from Martinique-France

massage student from Singapore

Joined us for 4 days to learn Balinese massage, foot reflexology and Balinese traditional hair cream bath: Mrs Anna Suhendra, Singapore

student from Australia learned massage

Joined us for 2 days to learn Balinese massage: Camille Ellen Coste from Australia

professional from Germany

Visited us to learn Balinese massage: Franz Jehl from Germany: professional masseur and physiotherapist, wellness trainer, TCM-therapist, TTM-therapist and lecturer for relaxation through self-hypnosiis;

course participant from Japan

Ms Kana Yoshizawa from Saitama-Japan shows her certificate. She successfully completed our 3 day Bali Esthetic Course.

student Lori

Ms Braithwaite from Virginia-USA studied Balinese massage and traditional hair cream bath at our school..

student Leslie

Ms Edington from USA studied Balinese massage and traditional hair cream bath.

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