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Bali massage training in private classes at Boutique Spa Sekar Jagat. Instructed by Ibu Indri Artini and senior staff you will get firsthand knowledge in Balinese spa treatments from practicing professionals.

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Blossom Kochhar beauty and spa authority

Renowned aroma therapist Dr Blossom Kochhar, beauty & spa authority from India, recently visited us to exchange some thoughts on Balinese massage techniques and local spa treatments. Dr Kochhar participated for 3 days in our Balinese Spa Course.

Schulz Sparshana

Mr and Mrs Schulz, owners of Sparshana Seminar & Education Centre for Wellness, participated in an intensive one week course in Balinese spa and massage techniques.


Christa Lut-Nijman participated a few days in our Balinese body massage, Abhyanga massage and Indian head and shoulder massage course. She and her husband Jacques own a Hatha Yoga Centre in the Netherlands and provide courses and treatments in Ayurvedic Marma Massage, Trance Healing, Foot and Handreflexology, Reiki, Hatha Yoga, Meditation and much more. . .

massage course chathura

Mr Chathura is a professional Ayurveda therapist and works at Aqualon Therme Spa in Germany. He participated in our Balinese massage course to upgrade his skills.

massage professional Marybetts Sinclair

Marybetts Sinclair is massage instructor and author of specialist books on children massage and hydrotherapy. She participated two days in our course and blogs here about her training and massage treatment at our place. Visit Ms Sinclair's website or check out her books.

Wellness & Spa Advisor Ms Veronica

Ms Veronica from Italy is Wellness & Spa Advisor at Orient Express Luxury Hotel Collection. She joined us a few days to look into Balinese spa treatments and their application.

Aesthetic Spa Institute HK

Mrs Law and colleagues from the Sincere Aesthetic & Spa Institute Hong Kong participated in a 3 days course to study Balinese Spa techniques.

Pristine Senses Academy India

Mr and Ms Shah from India's Pristine Senses Academy studied Balinese massage, body scrubs and masks at our place.

spa trainer Spusta

Mr Ryan works for Four Seasons Hotels in California as a therapist and spa trainer. He visited us to get trained in Balinese body massage techniques.

Els Diependael spa owner

Mrs Diependael owns and directs the Beauty & Spa Centre "City Of Women" in Belgium, she spent five days with us to get trained in Balinese massage, Balinese facial and in a range of body masks.

Balinese massage student

“I completely enjoyed myself learning Balinese massage from your school. The teaching was very clear and professionally done. The staff who guided me were tremendously helpful and gracious.”
Mrs Lan, professional massage therapist in France at Grenoble Reflexologie Sujok joined us to learn Balinese massage, lulur and boreh.

course student Nathalie

Mrs Nathalie from Laos PDR completed a Balinese facial course at our place. Nathalie runs the beautiful Champasak Spa in Ban Phoxay, Laos.

spa class students from Sabah

Mrs Siti and Mrs Suparmi from Sabah / Malaysia participated in a three day spa class at our school.

massage course students

Gai from Philippines, Indri, Julie from Canada and Diana from Sweden.

course participant aurelie

Ms Aurelie from France participated in a shirodhara course

massage training student

“Even though I found your website through Internet and have no knowledge about you whatsoever, but after graduated, I know that I made the right choice. 
Your training gave me a head start and a platform to move on to the next level of my career path.  A big thank you. Cheers!”
Mrs Zamrina from Malaysia completed an extensive course to study Balinese massage, facial, body lulur and Balinese hair spa.

student from Germany

Mrs Beatrix Schepke is a state approved beautician in Krefeld, Germany. She joined our Balinese Massage Course. Back in Germany she writes:
“Thank you so much for the warm welcome, the very complete training and delicious food! I already applied a few Balinese Massages and find that my customers appreciate very much this treatment. Due to the professional instructions of Ibu Indri and senior staff I feel very confident while doing the massage.”
Mrs Beatrix Schepke, state approved beautician,, Krefeld, Germany

Ms Craig took massage training

Ms Craig from Australia took a few days training in Balinese massage and Ayurvedic shirodhara:
"Thank you so much for taking the time out for teaching me sooooo much. I loved everything from the instructors to the most delicious food."

spa course participant

Completed 4 sessions spa course to get training in Balinese massage, lulur, hot stone and shirodhara: Mrs Niemeyer from Martinique-France

massage student from Singapore

Joined us for 4 days to learn Balinese massage, foot massage and Balinese traditional hair cream bath: Mrs Anna Suhendra, Singapore

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Bali Massage Course
Sekar Jagat Spa Bali

Nusa Dua, Jimbaran & for Kuta
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Sekar Jagat Spa > Bali Spa Course

massage course Bali

Individual - flexible - professional

Enjoy competent hands-on massage training, get instructed by real practitioners!

You get practical lessons in Balinese spa techniques in individual massage training at our original spa premises with authentic material and equipment. We focus on learning by doing, but we also hand out a step-by-step script of Balinese massage, hot stone massage, Balinese facial and hair cream bath (in English).

Our students are professional spa therapists, masseurs and masseuses, beauticians, physiotherapists, nurses, midwives, and ambitious amateurs, they come from all over the world to enjoy qualified hands-on training at our place. In 2012 our spa school partnered with Ryubi International Beauty College in Okinawa/Japan to train Japanese students here in Bali (see pictures >>).

So learn from Balinese spa professionals how to do

  • Balinese Body Massage

  • Body Lulur (traditional soft exfoliation)
    requires training in Balinese Body Massage first

  • Balinese Boreh (warm healing pack)
    requires training in Balinese
    Body Massage first

  • Balinese Traditional Facial

  • Stone Facial

  • Balinese Traditional Hair Cream Bath

  • Warm Stone Massage
    requires training in Balinese Body Massage first

  • Face Massage

  • Foot Massage

  • Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

  • Body Wraps (seaweed, aloe vera, chocolate, strawberry)
    requires training in Balinese Body Massage first

  • Body Masks (honey milk, aloe vera, wild yam)
    requires training in Balinese Body Massage first

Ayurvedic Training Package, 3 days/US$450 or US$150 per day:

  • Shirodhara
  • Indian head and shoulder massage
  • Abhyanga massage

Your teacher is an experienced senior instructor of our spa and also Ibu Indri will look after you. Ibu Indri is the Balinese owner and operational director of Sekar Jagat Spa, and she trains and supervises all our therapists. At our place, you will receive firsthand knowledge in Balinese spa treatments. We have some of the best Balinese spa therapists on this island, some of them work today in five-star hotels and overseas. You can rest assured that you get a competent guru. Ibu Indri also graduated in international spa diploma from CIBTAC (Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology) London in the subject of anatomy, physiology, body massage and spa therapy.

The course is held in basic English language, respectively for locals in Indonesian language. One session is 4 hours of intensive training (10:00-15:00) plus a one-hour lunch break on site. You are free to book just one or a few sessions, decide upon arrival or after your first session, provided availability. The subjects of the course are up to you, in consultation with us.

Cost for one session is US$150 per person, inclusive taxes, all materials, a live model, lunch and an awarded certificate that testifies your successful participation. The awarded certificate is not a diploma, of course, for a diploma you would have to study 100 – 400 hours (depending on your subjects) and pass an examination.

For two sessions we charge US$275, three sessions US$375. Each additional session costs US$125. No extra or hidden costs. We offer courses with the duration from just one day until up to 9 days.

We also provide free transportation from and to your place in Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Kuta, Legian, Pecatu, Ungasan, Seminyak and Sanur.

If you are already experienced in massage treatment, two sessions training in Balinese massage and one session training for each other subject might be enough to learn the basics. If you have no experience in massages but are talented, you should consider a minimum of two or three sessions for Balinese massage and one or two sessions for each other subject.

Because we are flexible and do not gather our applicants you enjoy training in very small classes, not more than three people, in fact, we usually run the course just with one or two people. If you want to book in a group we will provide additional teachers for you to keep the classes small.

The dates and subjects are up to you, provided availability, first-come-first-served. To make a date kindly consult us, please use the enquiry form below or send us an email. Let us know your professional background/massage experience, what subjects you are interested in and what date you prefer. You will get competent training tailored to your needs.

More about Sekar Jagat Spa in the section About Us.

We offer courses with duration from just one day till up to 9 days. An example of a typical three session course (3 x 4 hours intensive training plus 1 hour lunch break/ US$375):

Venue: Boutique Spa Sekar Jagat
Time: 10:00 - 15:00
Subjects: Balinese Massage and Body Lulur (deep soft exfoliation)

1st day:
- Introduction to Balinese body treatment
- Theory of body massage as a part of body lulur
- Join practice Balinese massage
- Lunch
- Self practice Balinese massage

2nd day:
- Join practice and self practice Balinese massage
- Lunch
- Join practice and self practice Balinese massage

3rd day:
- Theory and introduction to body lulur
- Join practice and self practice body lulur
- Lunch
- Closure session
- Handover of the certificate (award)

spa coursemassage training
spa classmassage class
Individual training in massage and spa techniques

Our green premises

Lunch break for the class

View many more pictures and testimonials >>


Feel free to ask all your questions regarding our courses and also tell us a bit about your background / experience and expectations so we can give you an appropriate answer.

Write in English, Indonesian or German. Within 24 hours we will reply via email.

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Bali spa course featured in Les Nouvelles Esthetiques


school student

" I took the 3-day Balinese massage course in May 2012 and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. My teacher, Tari, is very professional, not to mention patient too as I was totally new to any form of massage therapy. Everything was handled nicely and even my vegetarian lunch of Gado-gado was delicious. I'm also thankful to the others who posed as my "models" and helped make the learning experience more hands-on and effective. Though we did have power failure during the time of my course, I felt it was really not a big deal and could still focus on my purpose of being there - to learn Balinese massage from the experts :) Thank you to all of you at Sekar Jagat Spa, especially to my teacher, Tari, for a great experience. Warmest regards."
Ms Chew, Singapore, via email

" My original purpose for attending Sekar Jagat was to do a 3 day Balinese massage course so that I could take this skill back home and practise my skills on friends and family. I was unsure what to expect as there were a few different schools listed on the internet. As soon as I walked in the front door of the spa I was impressed it was a very relaxed atomosphere, beautiful gardens. The staff were very friendly and professional and I learnt a lot in 3 days... After my 3 day course I decided it was time to treat myself so had the 3 hour pamper package It was amazing I definitely recommend this place."
Sarah, New Zealand, via Internet

school student Alex

" I completed 4 days of training (Traditional Balinese Massage, Lulur, Boreh & Body Wraps) at Sekar Jagat and from start to finish the welcome was warm, the service, standards and facilities at the spa were first class and the teaching (I was mostly taught by Komang) was attentive, helpful and skilled. I would recommend this Spa highly for anyone looking to take a course in Balinese massage and treatments."
Ms Holbrooke is a qualified massage therapist from Cornwall, she runs Health & Happiness, a place for holistic and oriental therapies.

massage class student Ruth

Ms Smith from UK completed a week long course in Balinese massage techniques and Hot Stone Therapy. She runs "Simply Aroma" in Colchester, Essex's prime location for aromatherapy treatment. She comments on facebook: "This place is amazing, wonderful ladies, amazing atmosphere and hospitality and the best training I have ever received!"

Ms Chloe from Victoria, Australia:
"If you are in Bali to relax, absorb the culture or learn something new this is the place to go! Fantastic massage courses & treatments at incredible prices! I did a course one on one training course in traditional balinese massage & was a great experience,Thanks so much to everyone for the best day :) see you next time for sure!!"

doctor sperling

Chiropractor Doctor Sperling runs a health care centre in Australia. He joined us to look into Balinese massage techniques.

Wade from USA

Mrs Wade from USA recently participated in a 5 days training in Balinese body massage, shoulder and foot massage.

student Mariam France

Ms Mariam is a French Reiki and Massage Practitioner based in Abu Dhabi, she came to us to study four days our Balinese spa techniques.

professional massage therapist Ms Thomas

Ms Laura Nicole Thomas, professional massage therapist from USA, came to us to get trained in Balinese massage techniques. Visit her in San Francisco at The Barber Lounge.

student from Tokyo

Ms Manami Sato from Tokyo. joined three sessions to get training in Balinese massage, lulur and traditional facial.

Keiko from Jakarta

Keiko Soda from Jakarta joined a 3 day course at our place.

spa class participant wallner

Ms Wallner from Austria participated in our spa class to learn about Balinese treatments.


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